Whistler, BC, Canada

of the old goats

Old Goats

Not necessarily because they’re old – although there’s an argument here, and not necessarily because they’re goats – we should probably reserve judgment due to their steadfast commitment to a pursuit of happiness in the daily grazing of sweet, roasted Irish barley. These Old Goats have been providing daily laughter, comfort, and tall tales since we opened the Gate.

Actually, the Old Goats have a daily ritual at our pub; a tribute to their daily grazing if you will. Adorning the front of the bar is a giant board with a countdown to St. Patrick’s Day using interchangeable number plates. The number plates are hidden away in a top-secret location reserved for the Old Goats to update so customers and staff know when the world’s luckiest day falls.

If you are lucky enough to see our local Old Goats in the pub, make sure you say hi. They don’t bite.